Suboxone Doctors in Alabama


Alabama Suboxone Doctors

by Lauren Pesce

Opiate addiction is a devastating condition that can lead to a lifetime of serious consequences if it is left untreated. With proper treatment, medical care and supervision, those suffering from opiate dependence can achieve greater success in sobriety and recovery. One method of treatment that has been proven effective is Suboxone, a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone that helps to curb opioid dependence allowing the user to effectively reach his or her recovery goals.

What is Suboxone? More information on

Suboxone is a drug combination that contains buprenorphine and naloxone. The opioid medication buprenorphine works similarly to various prescription opiates such as morphine or codeine but has a less potent effect producing little to no “high” feeling. Naloxone is a drug that actually works to block the effects of opiates effectively preventing the user from feeling the effects of the opiate so that the user doesn't feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

When taken correctly, under the tongue, Suboxone is effective at helping patients to avoid withdrawal and remain in control of their drug addiction. If this drug is abused, such as when a user attempts to inject Suboxone in an effort to get high, the effects of the buprenorphine are counteracted by the naloxone and the user will feel significant symptoms of withdrawal as the drug is ineffective when injected or taken incorrectly.

Important Information Before Seeing an Alabama Suboxone Doctor

Before you decide to take Suboxone, tell your Alabama doctor if you have any of the following problems:

  • Trouble breathing, asthma or other lung disease
  • Internal organ failure or liver or kidney problems
  • Enlarged prostate gland or hypothyroidism
  • Trouble urinating, urinary tract infection or bladder problems
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Alcoholism or other substance abuse problems
  • Curvature of the spine such as scoliosis that creates breathing troubles

Your doctor may not be able to prescribe Suboxone to you if you suffer from any of the above problems or health conditions. If Suboxone is safe for use with any of the above conditions, your Alabama Suboxone doctor may have to lower your initial dose in order to determine the appropriate safe dose for your individual needs.

How is Suboxone Taken?

Suboxone must be taken exactly the way your Alabama doctor prescribes it to be administered. Taking Suboxone incorrectly or attempting to use Suboxone to get high can lead to serious side effects or potentially dangers withdrawal symptoms. If you're unclear as to how you should be taking Suboxone or if your pharmacist was unclear when administering the prescription to you, contact your Alabama doctor right away so ensure that you are properly taking the medication so that it will remain safe and effective for your use.

Place Suboxone tablets or film under the tongue to dissolve. Allow the entire dose to dissolve under the tongue completely and avoid drinking anything for a few minutes.

Never attempt to take Suboxone intravenously and avoid taking it too soon after you recently used heroin, morphine or other opiates. Talk with your Alabama doctor before attempting to take Suboxone if you have recently used heroin or other opiates. You may need to wait longer before you take your first dose.

How Effective is Suboxone?

When prescribed by an Alabama suboxone doctor and taken correctly, this drug can be highly effective at helping users to overcome addiction and get their lives back on track. Suboxone is an opioid which means that the drug does carry a potential risk to cause physical dependence if it is taken for a prolonged period of time or if the drug is used incorrectly especially if it is used for the purpose of getting high.

An Alabama doctor will inform you that Suboxone is not a drug that is intended for use “as-needed.” If you want to take Suboxone to help you overcome opiate dependence, you must make the commitment to take the drug regularly exactly as prescribed by your doctor. It may be necessary for the Alabama doctor to increase the dose or change your dosing procedures in order to provide the most effective results. It's important to continue to follow the guidelines of your Alabama Suboxone doctor to ensure that you continue to get the most beneficial results from the Suboxone that you are taking.

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Taking Suboxone may lead to drug dependence or other serious side effects. Always be open and honest with your Suboxone doctor to ensure that you are getting appropriate treatment and care for your individual needs. If any of the following side effects occur when you are taking Suboxone, contact your doctor immediately:

  • Any signs of allergic reaction including hives, itching or swelling labored breathing
  • Extreme dizziness, confusion or delusions
  • Pain the lower stomach
  • A complete decrease in appetite that persists for more than a day or two
  • Jaundice or other signs of liver failure or problems

Suboxone also has a number of less serious side effects which may or may not warrant the need for prompt medical treatment. Talk with your Alabama Suboxone doctor if you experience a headache or mild nausea that continues or does not go away when taking Suboxone. You may also experience trouble with your sleep patterns, difficulty concentrating or insomnia at first but these symptoms and side effects should dissipate on their own within the first few days or weeks of taking the drug.

If the side effects you experience are not listed or seem abnormal, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about the problems you are experiencing. Serious side effects are not typical when Suboxone is taken as prescribed. Because this drug is usually prescribed to be taken under the direct supervision of a doctor for at least the first few weeks, most users are able to adjust to the medication with the help and supervision of their doctor before they commence to taking the drug on their own.

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